I am Dr. Chia, Chih-Ta, Physics professor of Department of Physics of National Taiwan Normal University, and one of the founders of Taiwan Young-student Physicist's Tournament. We are honored to announce that the 26th International Young Physicists' Tournament will be held on the July 24th to 31st of 2013, and followed by the 2013-IYPT International Organizing Committee Meeting. The competition site of 26th IYPT is at Yuan Ze University of Taoyuan, Taiwan (http://www.yzu.edu.tw/index.php/component/lang,en/), and it is about 20 km from the Arrival Airport, the Taiwan Taoyuan International airport. The schedule of the IOC-Meeting is scheduled from July 31 to Aug. 2 of 2013. The location for the IOC meeting is at Dong Hwa University (http://www.lio168.com/about.html).

Taiwan team takes the responsibility as a member of IYPT, and sincerely considers the invitation for hosting the 26th International Young Physicists' Tournament after four-year participation. On behalf of the local organizing committee, I welcome all the IYPT members to visit Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan is a modernized island, and government has a high respect to science education, also strongly supports science education globally. We truly hope that all of you can join us for the next International Young Physicists' Tournament, and hopefully enjoy the warm climate in Taiwan.

Chia, Chih-Ta







Chia, Chih-Ta    

Chairman of 26th Organizing Committee