• Green Silicon Island
    Taiwan is now the world’s third largest producer of information technology hardware, after the United States and Japan. Taiwan ranks the first in the production of integrated circuits, IC packaging and testing, mask ROMs, notebooks, LCD monitors, CD-ROMs, DVDs, PC cameras, LAN cards, ADSL modems, and wireless LAN cards, supplying over one half of the world’s market of these items. Taiwan’s LED output ranks worldwide NO.1 in terms of volume and NO. 2 in value . The LED Industry in Taiwan comes out ahead and It is also forecasted that Taiwan’s LED industry will do even better in the future. The number one application for Taiwan’s LED products is mobile phones, with a 37% share of total revenue. And based on researcher analysis, in Q3 2011 HTC Corporation, the best smartphone vender in Taiwan, became the largest smartphone vendor in the U.S. by 24 percent, ahead of Samsung's 21 percent, Apple Inc.'s 20 percent and BlackBerry's 9 percent. The splendid performance of the Taiwan’s high-tech industries in recent years has brought the goal of developing Taiwan into a high-tech, environmentally friendly “green silicon island” even closer.
  • Hsinchu Science Park
    The National Science Council set up the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), the first establishment of its kind in Taiwan, on December 15, 1980. By ushering in technologies and talent from abroad, bringing about the transformation of domestic conventional industry, and fostering the upgrade of industrial technology across the board, the park is intended to help high-tech industry take off in Taiwan.
    The Hsinchu Science Park has cultivated a number of high-tech talent and global flagship IT enterprises over the past three decades, e.g. the largest IC foundry provider TSMC, the second largest IC foundry provider UMC, the largest notebook PC and branded PC maker ACER, the third largest TFT-LCD maker CHIMEI INNOLUX, the fourth largest TFT-LCD maker AUO, the second largest mobile phone chipset maker and the fourth largest IC designer MediaTek, the fourth largest NOR Flash IC maker Macronix, and the largest Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) components manufacturer Polytronics Technology Corp., which solidifies the position of the Hsinchu Science Park in global IT industries. The Hsinchu Science Park is constantly extending its industry capacity as well as competence in semiconductor,opto-electronics, information, and telecommunications industries. Thus, more than 70% of global IT industry products are initiated from companies at the Hsinchu Science Park. As a venue full of chances, the Hsinchu Science Park has turned out to be the first choice of high-tech industry investment globally.